Journal Articles

Clark, L., Doyle, P., Garaialde, D., Gilmartin, E., Schlögl, S. Edlund, J., Aylett, M. … Cowan, B. (2019). The State of Speech in HCI: Trends, Themes, and Challenges. Interacting with Computers.

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Book Chapters

Clark, L., Ofemile, A. Cowan, B.R. (In Press). Exploring verbal uncanny valley effects with vague language in computer speech. Voice Attractiveness: Studies on Sexy, Likable and Charismatic Speakers. Springer.

*Publication due in early 2020. Chapter can be sent over email by request*

Conference Proceedings

Doyle, P., Edwards, J., Dumbleton, O., Clark, L. & Cowan, B.R. (2019). Mapping Perceptions of Humanness in Intelligent Personal Assistant Interaction.Accepted to Mobile HCI 2019.

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Aylett, M., Cowan, B.R. & Clark, L. (2019). Siri, Echo and Performance: You have to Suffer Darling.CHI 2019 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Glasgow, UK. 

*Bonus video of our alt.CHI performance featuring Gunter Schweck, Francis Cumbernauld & HK-47* – Courtesy of Christine Murad

Clark, L., Pantidi, N., Cooney, O., Doyle, P., Garaialde, D., Edwards, J., Spillane B. … Cowan, B.R. (2019). What Makes a Good Conversation? Challenges in Designing Truly Conversational Agents. CHI 2019 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Glasgow, UK. [Honourable Mention].

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Invited Talks

Google Kings Cross London (December 2019). Mind the Gap: Discussing the Role of Humanness in Speech Technology Design.

Why it Matters seminar series at Swansea University (December 2019). Menace of mimicry: how humanlike should our speech technology be?

Dagstuhl seminar series on Conversational Search (November 2019). Conversational User Interfaces.

HCID seminar series at City, University of London (February 2019). The State of Speech in HCI: Trends, Themes & Challenges.

UCLIC Research seminar series at University College London (January 2019).Mapping speech research in HCI: Trends, Themes & Challenges.

School of Computer Science seminar series at the University of Birmingham (November 2018). The State of Speech in HCI: Trends, Themes & Challenges.

HCI @ UCD seminar series at University College Dublin (March 2018). Do we know how computers should talk to us? Exploring the concept of appropriate machinelike communication through linguistic politeness.

Languages and Linguistics Colloquium Series at York St John University. (October 2016). “But it’s just a machine” – exploring language use and voice variation in computer speech.

PhD Thesis

Clark, L. M. H. (2016). Exploring vague language use and voice variation in human-agent interaction. (Doctoral Dissertation, University of Nottingham).